My first orchestral endeavor, the Symphony In Ab, recently completed.



Under Painted Stone

This is the second of my poems to receive a choral rendering, and the last project from my masters program.


Under Painted Stone pdf

CD Recording of the Pentagonal Suite

Please enjoy the new CD of my graduate thesis, The Pentagonal Suite.

Christopher Wicks, piano

Katherine Parks, violoncello

Sara Truelove, clarinet

Recorded on May 23 and May 31, 2015 in Smith Hall, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR.

Produced by Aron Bernstein.  Edited and Mixed by Ethan Wilson.  Presented to the faculty of the Western Oregon University Music Department on June 9, 2015 as fulfillment of the Masters In Music Degree in Contemporary Music.  All rights reserved.

One Minute Fugue

This is a three-voice keyboard fugue I wrote as an undergraduate student at San Francisco State, 2003.

Apotheosis Of Sand

This is a recently finished choral setting of my poem “Apotheosis Of Sand.”  Until it is performed, we must content ourselves with the choral “ahhhs” of Finale’s Garritan Personal Orchestra.  Attached also is the poem itself.

Apotheosis Poem PDF

Six Inspirations On an Original Theme

I finished this piano solo piece in November 1999.

Performed in April 2000 at San Francisco State University.

Dale Tsang-Hall on piano.

Rhapsody In C Minor For Piano and Violoncello

This is a piece from my undergrad years, performed in December, 2000 at San Francisco State University.

Steve Kahn on Cello

Aron Bernstein on Piano