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Six Inspirations On an Original Theme

I finished this piano solo piece in November 1999.

Performed in April 2000 at San Francisco State University.

Dale Tsang-Hall on piano.


Rhapsody In C Minor For Piano and Violoncello

This is a piece from my undergrad years, performed in December, 2000 at San Francisco State University.

Steve Kahn on Cello

Aron Bernstein on Piano

Pentagonal Suite

This suite for piano, clarinet, and violoncello is my masters thesis at Western Oregon University.  All five movements are now completed.

* A recent live performance of Movement II (Divergence) can be seen on Youtube at:

Cascadia Composers, January 24 Concert

Maria Choban, piano, and Christopher Cox, clarinet


I.  Iterations:


II.  Divergence


III.  Fulcrum


IV.  Recursion


V.  Gambit